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北卡罗莱纳有很多出名的地方,而宜人的气候就是其中之一. 天气这么好,我们才来到这里, 虽然, 我们也得到了我们应得的热, 潮湿的夏季和严酷的, cold winters– even more so sometimes than some of our southern and northern counterparts. Reidsville, NC sits at the heart of that weather– and in our years of servicing the city and its property owners, we know one thing for sure: it definitely takes its toll on HVAC units around the region. 我们在雷兹维尔和周边地区服务了这么久, we’ve come to find that regular 预防性维护 for HVAC equipment like AC units, heat pumps and condenser coils doesn’t just help keep these machines in top shape for longer– it also boosts indoor air quality, 降低能源开支, 并保持家庭舒适和良好的绝缘.

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做得正确, 对bbin体育系统进行预防性维护是很容易的, 负担得起的, 可靠的方法,让你的暖气和空调设备获得最大的生命. With over 30 years of experience providing top notch service for all kinds of 空调 and heating systems, 我们装备齐全,可以提供 预防性维护 your heating equipment and cooling equipment needs to continue to perform with high efficiency.



我们明白,bbin体育的问题往往在你最意想不到的时候出现. That’s why we are committed to providing around-the-clock availability to accommodate any HVAC emergency you may experience. 我们的bbin体育承包商总是守时,及时,有礼貌. 我们每次都准时到达,准时结束.



我们的bbin体育维修政策, 你可以指望我们的团队准确而熟练地完成你的服务. 我们的目标是提供有效、持久、永久的bbin体育官方网站. That way, you never have to call us out for the same issue twice—as much as we love seeing you.



作为一个有房者是很累人的. 在你的家庭, 你的职业生涯, 和你的爱好, 你可能会觉得没有时间来满足你的bbin体育维护需求. Allow us to lift the burden from your shoulders with 预防性维护 services and cleanings. 我们的加热, 空调, 通风, and plumbing services will keep everything in your home running smoothly so that you can relax and live in it.



在Reidsville,当天气变热时,会变得非常非常热. With temperatures consistently reaching over ninety degrees in the warmer months of June, 7月, 和8月, 该地区及周边地区的大多数家庭的空调设备得到了很好的锻炼. Of the many steps homeowners can take to make sure their air conditioner stays in top shape, bringing on a certified technician to routinely check the system out is always the best first one. 


尤其是在空调设备上, one of the most common protocols the experienced HVAC technician follows involves checking the electrical components of the unit. 就像任何需要电力才能运转的机器一样, 错误的布线可能会耗费大量时间, 如果房主一直等到它成为一个问题,那么解决这个问题的成本会很高. 除此之外, faulty or damaged wiring can pose significant risks for homeowners and families that aren’t aware there’s a problem– or those that have pets or small children that may play near or around an outdoor 空调 unit. 例行预防性维护检查, an HVAC contractor can spot and repair or replace damaged wiring before it leads to serious injury or costly repair.

以及确认和bbin体育官方网站任何电气问题, preventative HVAC maintenance can optimize the energy efficiency ratio of your 空调 unit by repairing and replacing any malfunctioning mechanical parts in the machine. 而肮脏的冷凝器线圈, 撕裂的皮带轮或磨损的皮带可能不会立即阻止您的设备运行, these issues can drastically reduce the efficiency of even the most valuable machines– effectively forcing homeowners to throw away money on expensive bills when they don’t need to. Preventative maintenance from a knowledgeable technician takes care of the little details like cleaning the coils, 更换皮带和滑轮, 甚至关掉家里和外面的过滤器. 这就消除了空气流动、堵塞和 空气质量低 这会扰乱或负面影响家庭舒适度.

最后, regularly scheduled 预防性维护 for your air conditioner can help Reidsville homeowners find cost savings in areas of their 空调 system that they may have never known were causing them to throw away money. From identifying an uneven or top-heavy air distribution system to finding ways to increase air recovery, 预防性维护 provides savvy HVAC contractors more opportunities to familiarize themselves with your duct systems and machinery– which means more opportunities for them to spot and fix flaws and drastically reduce energy costs.


在光谱的另一端, 而在Reidsville,它可能不会下降到个位数, 经常使用NC, winters can be pretty brisk and require much more from a heating unit than most homeowners likely imagine.

配备训练有素的技术人员定期维护热泵系统, 炉, 通风系统, and other heater-related components of an HVAC unit can be cost effective and incredibly valuable once winter creeps in and forces you to turn on the heat. Along with ensuring the electrical and mechanical components of the heating unit are functioning properly, a technician’s trained eye can help homeowners make the most out of their thermostats in the winter months by ensuring the machinery is calibrated properly. 另外, a technician can ensure warm air doesn’t escape from the home through improperly sealed windows, 门, 或风管. 随着温度的下降, 湿度也有影响, and cooler outside air has more opportunity to slip through cracks and crevices in a home. 通过定期 预防性维护, a technician can identify why and where unwanted outside air may be entering your home or warm air may be leaving your home, 并相应地bbin体育官方网站问题.


在bbin体育, our technicians enjoy nothing more than giving homeowners and clients practical tips that can help keep them comfortable. 同时安排训练有素的暖通专业人员进行定期维修服务, there are a number of simple steps homeowners can take on their own to ensure their HVAC system remains in mint condition during the months that matter most. 尽管Reidsville一年四季的天气都是独一无二的, this simple maintenance template can be applied both in the Reidsville region and virtually anywhere else!


  • 检查空中单位周围是否有障碍物.
  • 当你的技术员建议更换你的空气过滤器时.
  • 定期检查煤气管道和丙烷的含量,尤其是在冬季.
  • 经常利用窗户和门的自然通风.
  • Use fans when possible to evenly distribute air flow and prevent heating and cooling systems from working so hard.

当与常规结合时, 专业的预防性维护计划, 这些简单的技巧可以帮助你的bbin体育系统多年保持原状. When you’re in need of quality maintenance services in the local Reidsville area, don’t hesitate to 给我们有经验的承包商打个电话!



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